Top Software Testing Companies in Bangalore

Top Software Testing Companies in Bangalore

Bangalore is a leverage city’s reputation and also known as “Silicon Valley of India”. Bangalore has a large pool of talent and software testing skills due to its abundance of IT enterprises and approximately two million workers in the IT and IT-enabled services industries. Innovators, Product Development teams working tirelessly to deliver excellent Software Application. Software Application Quality matters a lot for any startup, enterprises or any business to acquire customers, investors and projects. So finding the right quality assurance partner who can do your application quality and ensure no bugs available in Production environment.

ThoughtCoders  has a comprehensive list of the top software testing companies in Bangalore. This article helps you in selecting right Software Testing Partner for your Software Development Journey. The regional software testing businesses in Bangalore are home to a wide variety of QA specialists with in-depth industry experience. They provide a wide range of services, using cutting-edge instruments and methods to thoroughly test your program and find any errors or vulnerabilities before they affect consumers.

Choosing the correct partner might be difficult because there are so many software testing businesses in Bangalore. Our team has carefully researched and assessed local businesses using a variety of factors in order to streamline this process. We are providing a compiled list of Bangalore’s best software testing firms to make sure you get the best possible fit for your requirements.

List of Top Software Testing Companies in Bangalore-



ThoughtCoders is an amazing and independent software testing company in Bangalore that aims to deliver excellent quality applications to the world. They work like guarding the applications, websites, and other programs to make sure that they hit perfectly to your users. With the help of its advanced software testing technologies, you can make sure that your software is in the Best Software Testing Companysafest hands. ThoughtCoders have a proven record of delivering excellent services. They are not limited to detecting bugs but also hunting them with their great opensource tools  and technologies.

Thoughtcoders  provide various domain Testing:

i. Transportation Application Testing

ii. Blockchain Applications Testing

iii. Realestate Based Application

iv. Blockchain Based Application

v. Insurance Application Testing

vi. Capital Market Application Testing

vii. Investment Banking Application

viii. CRM Application Testing

ix. SAP Application Testing

Domain Testing

Thoughtcoders Software Testing Services 

Some key Software Testing Services are

  1. End to End Software Testing Services
  2. Test Automation Services
  3. QA Offshore Team
  4. Regression Testing Services
  5. Software Testing Trainings
  6. API Testing Trainings
  7. Front to Back Automation Services


Software Testing Services

Our Values

  • Great Business Values
  • Highly experienced and techie SDET Professionals
  • Domain Specific QAs
  • Timely Delivery
  • Cost Effective Solution

ThoughtCoders is the top IT consulting company having experience in producing high-calibre applications. It offers training, testing, automation services, and application development.

2. QSGQSG - Software Testing Company

QSG (Quality Service Group) is a well-known independent software testing and test automation provider that has been in business since 2005. It is located in the headquarters in Bangalore, India. The organization has realized several instances and gained extensive knowledge during this period in the field of software testing and automation. The firm has been able to assemble a tight-knit group of experts for over 15 years who are able to complete any assignment for both public and private entities in the quickest amount of time and with the highest quality. The company’s workers’ qualifications are verified by their higher education credentials from the top universities in the nation and their certifications of successfully completing specialized courses.

The goal of QSG is to provide a complete solution by utilizing cutting edge technology, analytical tools, expertise, and team professionalism. This strategy makes it possible for partners and customers to prosper in an increasingly information-driven world,

3. Indium Software

indium software

Digital and QA are the strong areas of competence for Indium Software. With more than 350 clients ranging from Fortune 500 firms to global corporations, we have more than 20 years of expertise working with startups. We have been providing our services to clients in South Africa, Europe, Asia, India, and North America. Our registered offices in New Jersey, Cupertino, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur are where we conduct business.

The goal of Indium Software is to offer company value through high-quality, customer-focused technological solutions.

The main services that provide our digital solutions are Big Data Services, Advanced Analytics, Blockchain Development, RPA Services, Low-Code Development, and Application Development (Full Stack & Mobile).

4. Teknotrait SolutionsTeknotrait solution

The goal of Teknotrait Solutions is to provide cutting-edge engineering solutions to its clients. Teknotrait Solutions has been working with both local and multinational enterprises since 2014, providing Web & Mobile Application Development, Software Testing, UI/UX Design, and Digital Marketing services.

Retailers, distributors, government organizations, financial institutions, and industrial and transportation firms are among the target markets for Teknotrait products’ products.

The professionals at Teknotrait Solutions tackle the most difficult and challenging assignments, swiftly dissecting them into their fundamental elements and utilizing particular techniques to guarantee the effective creation and examination of an infinite quantity of software and apps.

5. Qualitrixqualitrix

One of the top software testing and market acceptability companies in the world is Qualitrix. The company’s main office is in Bangalore, India’s IT hub. More than 15,000 community testers in more than 60 countries are available through Qualitrix to assess your apps across hundreds of device types, regions, system settings, and languages.

Qualitrix provides the highest caliber test automation framework together with a full suite of software testing services, such as crowdsourced testing, user and usability testing, mobile app testing, and initial strategy advising. Their procedure guarantees that all functionalities function as intended and that the software is correct and compatible.

Qualitrix facilitates and automates every stage of software testing with the use of cutting-edge technology and industry best practices. We promise top-notch work throughout the whole software testing process.


Therefore, we can conclude that these software testing companies ensure reliability, security, and efficiency to the software developing programs located in Bangalore. These companies stand out as the leaders in the industry with their advanced, cutting-edge technologies, experienced professionals, and unwavering commitment to excellence.  Hope top Software Testing Companies list in Bangalore will help you to find right Quality Assurance Partner.

So, decide your best Software Testing Partner in Bangalore today and take your software to the next level of success. Still, you have questions then feel free to connect with our Software Testing Consultants. 

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