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API Automation Testing

API Automation Testing is highly popular choice for great product builders. Many businesses, especially IT companies use this to check the functionality and performance of their digital assets. The API automation testing is a type of software used at a message layer without using GUI. In short, we can say that it is a part of integration testing to check whether an API meets the expectations of a tester or not. A large number of IT companies rely on API testing as it is crucial to check the quality of the product. ThoughtCoders is one of the best companies offering API automation testing services.

What are the Types of API Testing?

ThoughCoders provides various API automation testing types for your business. We recommend API Automation Testing to our clients as it is faster as compared to Web and UI Testing.

Validation Testing

Validation testing is an essential part and counted as one of the most significant testing types. This type of testing is crucial in the development process. We do validation and verification  of API to enusre robust functionality of API. Validation testing is an assurance of the correct development.

  • Saves a lot of time and money in rebuilding any application.
  • Know how your Android app is performing in the real-time scenario.
  • Ensure the better performance of an app with its quality and functionality.
  • Assist you in finding bugs in your Android app and resolving them.


API Functional Testing

This testing includes the testing of particular functions in the codebase. It is the testing of particular functions within the codebase. It is a representation of specific scenarios to ensure that API functions are always handled within the specified parameters.


API Performance Testing

To ensure the proper functioning of API and holding the higher or expected load, ThoughtCoders validate its performance. Common API performance testing includes Load Tests, Stress Tests, Spike Tests, Peak Tests, and Scalability Tests.


UI Testing

This testing is defined as a test of the user interface for API and other parts. This kind of testing focuses more on interfaces of API rather than API Automation Testing. However, API testing provides an overview of the health, usability, and efficiency of the front-end and back-end of an application.


API Security Test

This test ensures that API is safe and secure from external threats. This type of testing includes Penetration Test, Fuzz Test, and Security Test for security auditing procedure. The primary focus of these tests is to know if an API is secure from any external threat or not.


Why should you choose us for API automation testing?

As one of the biggest API Automation testing providers, ThoughtCoders complete this testing by aligning it with your business needs. We follow a thorough process of API testing automation, which provides you with the following benefits.

  • We minimize your spending on API automation testing, using the state-of-the-art technologies that we use.
  • Our goal is the timely delivery of all projects using a swift method for API testing.
  • Our expert team finds and isolates any buggy module in your digital asset and rectifies it.
  • The API Automation testing process we use ensures that the end-user experience remains unaffected.


A Renowned API Automation Testing Company

ThoughtCoders is a top-notch API automation testing Company to improve the performance of your digital assets. We understand  the importance of API testing for your business. Our team of highly skilled experts ensure that all functionality of APIs are perfect and responses are correct. We are renowned for our API Automation Testing  framework development. In addition, the REST API automation testing, Websaervices API testing, and API automation testing are also some of the expertise services. We offer to all businesses according to their requirements.