“Strategic Partnership: Katalon and ThoughtCoders Unite for Cutting-Edge Solutions"

Simplify the Challenges of Test Automation Barriers

Implementing an AI-augmented platform for automated test planning, scripting, execution, analysis, and creates remarkable digital experiences.

Common Challenges Faced by the Enterprises in Test Automation

Difficulty with the changing nature of testing and technological advancements

Expensive Costs associated with the inadequate test automation and manual testing.

Unable to scale testing resources in accordance with the project specifications

High chances of security breach and non-compliance of industry standards


Migration issues related to the updating outdated automation scripts

Lack of insufficient comprehension and availability of talent

ThoughtCoders and Katalon Proposition of Joint Value

ThoughtCoders and Katalon are providing no-code method for open-source automation technologies which is less complicated and affordable for all the enterprises based on the private solutions. This approach comprises a wide range of platforms like desktop, mobile, API technologies and other sources.
We assure you that the Collaboration of ThoughtCoders and Katalon is able to utilize the special capabilities of Katalon Studio, a software solution for automation testing. This software is based on the open-source automation frameworks Selenium and Appium which offers an IDE interface for web, API, mobile, and desktop application test automation.


Combine Expertise of Test Automation

The partnership of ThoughtCoders and Katalon Studio has come a long way in making a successful history and making the initiatives of automation testing productive

Simple and Efficient Offerings

ThoughtCoders and Katalon Studio believes in no-code or low code approach to Test Automation which is easy to start and accelerates the value of time


The partnership of ThoughtCoders and Katalon Studio has come a long way in making a successful history and making the initiatives of automation testing productive

A Unique Offering Selenium to Katalon Migration


ThoughtCoders has an extensive experience with Selenium and Katalon that develops best practices to over with the common obstacles and limitations of test automation.


Businesses have the opportunity to save a ton of money by switching from Selenium to Katalon which offers more sophisticated, advanced and special functionality of the Test Automation Services.


According to an ROI analysis, organization have saved almost 32.53% of overall cost savings over a period of three years.


ThoughtCoders offers a full migration services and complete solution to the organization as a key part of Katalon.


Our professional team experts are providing a seamless transfer and continuous support in assisting with the smooth transition.

Energizing Your Enterprises

Relevant Use Cases Where Our Collaboration Can Deliver Excellent Results

Testing Procedures

Ensure the scalability and maintenance of your whole execution infrastructure. Ignore the installation and upkeep phases to free up more time for creative thinking

Visual Testing for AI

You may relax knowing that Katalon's AI Visual Testing will detect visual regressions with 99% less work on your part. Concurrently execute functional tests to address both visible regressions and end-to-end situations. Make sure testing cycles are completed promptly, prioritize test runs, and create several profiles.

Test Authoring

Authorization of tests for mobiles, desktops (Windows), Web and API apps. Download on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows

Test Execution

Using intelligent waiting, self-healing, scheduling, and parallel execution, you may streamline execution in your environment

Analytics & Reporting

Use dashboards and pre-made reports for quality, coverage analysis, and test flakiness to report on the metrics that are most important to your organization

Promoting Innovation and Efficiency

Some Essential Benefits of our Partnership with Katalon for Clients
Our Partnership with Katalon brings unparalleled Benefits to their clients including robust testing, automation solutions, accelerated time-to-market and cost-effective techniques. We empower seamless success to the clients for efficient software development cycles.

Entire Testing Solutions

Through our Partnership, Katalon's powerful test automation technology and ThoughtCoders vast software testing experience are combined. Now, our clients may access a variety of comprehensive testing solutions, such as functional testing, regression testing, API testing, mobile testing, and more. Thanks to this Synergy.

Knowledge and Assistance

Clients gain from Katalon's committed technical assistance and ThoughtCoders vast software testing knowledge. Through the partnership, you can get in touch with an experienced group of testing experts who can give advice, best practices, and troubleshooting support throughout the testing lifecycle.

Extended Test Coverage

Clients may attain greater test coverage by combining Katalon's automation framework with ThoughtCoders testing methodology. With automated testing, a large number of test cases can be run quickly which allows for thorough testing on a variety of platforms, devices, and settings.

Faster Testing Periods

Clients may greatly speed up their testing cycles by utilizing ThoughtCoders and Katalon's robust test automation features. Software application time-to-market may be shortened by using the user-friendly interface and extensive built-in capabilities of Katalon Studio, which facilitate rapid test design, execution, and maintenance.


Both flexibility and scalability

The scalability and flexibility of Katalon's platform allow it to adapt to the changing testing requirements of its clients. The collaboration can accommodate a range of testing needs, from small-scale projects to huge enterprise-level applications, guaranteeing smooth interaction with current systems and simple scalability as the project expands.

Time and Cost Effectiveness

The collaboration may mean savings on expenses and time to the clients. ThoughtCoders and Katalon assist in minimizing human labor and optimizing resource allocation by automating repeated testing procedures. Teams are able to concentrate on more intricate and strategic testing tasks because to this efficiency, which also results in cost savings.

Enabling DevOps and Constant Testing

Continuous testing procedures are supported by ThoughtCoders and Katalon as they are consistent with DevOps ideals. As a result, customers can easily include testing into their software development process, leading to speedier feedback loops, quicker issue finds, and more dependable product releases.


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