Empowering Business with Efficient and Reliable Testing Solutions

We have joined hands to ensure the flawless performance of websites and web applications and mobile apps across browsers, OS, and devices.

Challenges Faced by the Organization in
Test Automation



Ready To Cultivate A Digital Ecosystem Of Quality Assurance

ThoughtCoders, a leading provider of continuous testing cloud solutions, has partnership with LambdaTest, a leading AI-powered digital experience testing cloud that helps developers and testers ship code faster. Over 10,000+ enterprise customers and 2+ million users across 130+ countries rely on LambdaTest for their testing solutions. We together empower businesses with efficient

 and reliable testing solution. With advanced tools and technologies, we assure the flawless performance of websites and web applications and mobile apps across browsers, OS, and devices.



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Cross Browser Testing Cloud

Our Cross Browser Testing Cloud Perform both live interactive & automated testing across 3000+ different combinations of browsers on real devices and OS

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Dedicated Team Support

We have experienced and professional dedicated team that supports every customer issue by connecting with the appropriate Success Manager and Solution Engineers.

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Reasonable and Affordable

We have come together to provide a combination of value packs that makes the testing automation across the world simpler and easier for every system.

Major Reason to Collaborate With LAMBDATEST

Did you know that one of the top 4 advisory firms has revolutionaries their testing execution and choose LambdaTest for achieving unpredictable results. Major giants’ enterprises are relied on the excellent features of LambdaTest for swift test execution, ensuring seamless testing and reduced execution time. An emerging leader in the gifting industry leverages LambdaTest to replace in-house test setups, bringing predictability to testing processes.
A top subscription-based password manager and digital wallet company also believed LamdaTest for exceeding testing expectations consistently. Additionally, many biotechnologies firm combines LamdaTest and Visual Regression for magical test execution speed and visual appeal. A multinational corporation in America relies on LamdaTest to significantly reduce deployment times, ensuring efficiency in operations.

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How We Empower Your Business


Browsing and App Testing

The Browsing & App Testing Cloud of ThoughtCoders and LambdaTest allows users to run both manual and automated tests of web and mobile apps across 3000+ different browsers, real devices, and operating system environments.


Generated Faster Speed

The partnership of ThoughtCoders and LambdaTest helps customers run and orchestrate test grids in the cloud for any framework and programming language at blazing-fast speeds to cut down on quality test time, helping developers build software faster.


Performance and Architecture

Our collaboration provides a faster (up to 4£%) better performance and test results along with the microservices architecture which is ease in scale and guarantees excellent results.


Support & Working Hours

We decided to cater to all our customers equally by providing 24/7 support across all the world. We internally follow a 4-hour response time mechanism to get back to our customers.

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Cross Border testing Solutions

ThoughtCoders and LambdaTest effortlessly execute manual and automated tests, support various frameworks, and eliminate grid management complexities for efficient testing across browsers and operating systems.

How We Empower Your Business

Our Partnership with LambdaTest brings unparalleled Benefits to their clients including robust testing, automation solutions, accelerated time-to-market and cost-effective techniques. We empower seamless success to the clients for efficient software development cycles.

Entire Testing Solutions

Through our Partnership, LambdaTest's powerful test automation technology and ThoughtCoders vast software testing experience are combined. Now, our clients may access a variety of comprehensive testing solutions, such as functional testing, regression testing, API testing, mobile testing, and more. Thanks to this Synergy.

Knowledge and Assistance

Clients gain from LambdaTest's committed technical assistance and ThoughtCoders vast software testing knowledge. Through the partnership, you can get in touch with an experienced group of testing experts who can give advice, best practices, and troubleshooting support throughout the testing lifecycle.

Extended Test Coverage

Clients may attain greater test coverage by combining LambdaTest's automation framework with ThoughtCoders testing methodology. With automated testing, a large number of test cases can be run quickly which allows for thorough testing on a variety of platforms, devices, and settings.

Enabling DevOps and Constant Testing

Continuous testing procedures are supported by ThoughtCoders and LambdaTest as they are consistent with DevOps ideals. As a result, customers can easily include testing into their software development process, leading to speedier feedback loops, quicker issue finds, and more dependable product releases.

Faster Testing Periods

Clients may greatly speed up their testing cycles by utilizing ThoughtCoders and LambdaTest's robust test automation features. Software application time-to-market may be shortened by using the user-friendly interface and extensive built-in capabilities of LambdaTest Studio, which facilitate rapid test design, execution, and maintenance.

Both flexibility and scalability

The scalability and flexibility of LambdaTest's platform allow it to adapt to the changing testing requirements of its clients. The collaboration can accommodate a range of testing needs, from small-scale projects to huge enterprise-level applications, guaranteeing smooth interaction with current systems and simple scalability as the project expands.

Time and Cost Effectiveness

The collaboration may mean savings on expenses and time to the clients. ThoughtCoders and LambdaTest assist in minimizing human labor and optimizing resource allocation by automating repeated testing procedures. Teams are able to concentrate on more intricate and strategic testing tasks because to this efficiency, which also results in cost savings.