Top 10 Cross Browser Platforms

There are a variety of cross-browsing testing tools that are available with us, but choosing the accurate tools is the crucial idea. We are giving you cross-browsing testing tools and ideas, and you can select the best as per your convenience. Importance of Cross Browser Platforms for Automation Testing.

  • Cross-Platform and Device Testing: There is an increasing requirement for testing across a variety of platforms and devices to guarantee consistent user experiences. This highlights the need of having thorough testing capabilities.
  •  Evidence: Testing platforms are updated often to incorporate newly released hardware and operating systems.

1. Lambda Testlamdatest

  • Lambda Test is one of the best cross-browser that <span dir=”ltr” role=”presentation”>enables users to their website’s functionality and appearance.
    This website helps users ensure a diverse range of browsers, devices, and other operating systems. Users may choose a Broadridge of devices and geographical choices, and they can even conduct geological testing in the automated test scenarios. Lambda Test facilitates both automatic script execution and human live-interactive testing on a cloud-based architecture. It enables users to verify that their web apps work properly in a variety of settings by supporting testing on more than 3000 browser and OS combinations. Additionally, it tackles typical issues with cross-browser testing, facilitating the achievement of compatibility and performance targets for online applications by developers and
  • In addition to this, Lambda Test offers an accurate cloud of genuine mobile devices for automated and live mobile app testing.
  • Asana, Trello, Jira, GitHub, Bitbucket,, Wrike, Air table, Zoho Projects, Linear, and Basecamp are among the applications that interacts with Lambda Test.
  • Lambda Test offers a free trial and monthly prices starting at $15.

2. Sauce LabsSauceLabs

Sauce Labs is an automated testing platform that runs in the cloud. It has been improved to support continuous integration workflows, making it immediately scalable. Sauce Lab offers professional services, onboarding, instructor-led Selenium and Appium training, and automated testing features. These resources make it simple for you and your team to use the product.

  • You may quickly and simply configure your test suites with Sauce Lab’s user-friendly graphical user interface.
  • You may test using several browsers, emulators, and simulators with this application as well.
  • Sauce Lab provides software integrations with Appium, Selenium, and Jenkins.
  • Sauce Labs is invoiced annually and starts at $39 per month. Moreover, Sauce Labs provides a 28-day free trial.


3. HeadSpinheadspin

  • HeadSpin is a cloud-based AI testing and dev-ops collaboration tool that enables users to remotely conduct cross-browser tests on thousands of actual devices. Users can quickly evaluate performance essentials, including load testing on actual settings for 100% accurate findings, as well as the responsiveness of your website or mobile app.
  • HeadSpin is compatible with Appium Inspector, Selenium, and Appium.
  • Many other technologies, including Charles Proxy, XCode, Android Studio, Flutter, Cucumber, Espresso Android, Fitness, KIF, Automator, Junit, XCTest, Calabash, Unified Functional Testing, TestNG, Puppeteer, Playwright, Jira, Slack, and Jenkins, are also compatible with Headpin.
  • HeadSpin provides a free trial and charges $99 per user each month.

4. TestGridtestgrid

TestGrid is a cross-browsing testing feature that you can test you’re app or website on actual cloud- or on-premises-hosted devices thanks to its cross-browser testing functionality. You can run manual or automated testing to guarantee a quicker release time. Team leads do not need to know how to program in order to work with your business and testing teams to create and run test cases.

  • You can also run performance testing using Test Grid to help you find and fix errors on the fly, optimize your website, and enhance its functionality.
  • Integrators of TestGrid include Asana, JIRA, Slack, and more. For continuous testing, you may also incorporate your preferred CI/CD
  • TestGrid starts at $49 for one parallel test and unlimited users.

5. BrowserStackbrowserstack

  • BrowserStack is a software testing platform that runs daily across 15global data centers. Over 50,000 clients can release software faster
    thanks to their cloud-based test infrastructure, which shifts testing to the cloud.
  • Dev and QA teams may use Browser Stack to run both automated and manual testing on websites and apps.
  • Their clients benefit from notably fast test speeds and little to no latency because of their global network of 15 device centers.
  • Browser Stack connects with a wide range of technologies, including test automation frameworks and all the main CI/CD platforms.

6. TestimTestProject

  • Testing is a low-code tool with an elegant. It is a user-friendly UI which is known as Testim. A Chrome addon that captures user activities is used to generate tests. The Testim visual editor allows you to rearrange stages, build shared reusable groups, add assertions, and add code-like features like loops and conditions to your tests.
  • To aid in the triage of test run data, Testim even aggregates failure kinds.
  • The primary source of value for Testim is its AI-powered locators,which maintain test stability and save maintenance costs.
  • Customer case studies also show that quick authoring and features that address root causes save time.
  • For a maximum of 1000 runs each month, Testim is free. On request, higher-level programs provide customizable pricing.

7. New Relic

new relic

  • New Relic is a software analytics firm that provides a wide range of solutions to assist companies in tracking and improving their infrastructure and apps. The browser monitoring quick start from New Relic offers a practical way to observe JavaScript errors, track browser activity, and provide a general overview of browser performance. 
  • Monitoring of the backend, Kubernetes, mobile, infrastructure ,model performance, log management, vulnerability management, and browsers are among the important capabilities.
  • Integration includes over 500 apps like Jenkins, CircleCI, and Travis CI, communication tools like Slack and Pager Duty, and additional monitoring and analytics tools like Grafana, Datadog, and Splunk.
  • New Relic has a free plan for one person and 100 GB of data use each month, with prices starting at $49/user/month.

8. MablMabl

  • Mabl is an automated cross-browser that offers performance regression and test output visualization for monitoring the speed and responsiveness of websites and apps. The program requires a browser plug-in and is lightweight.
  • Mabl monitors platform performance in addition to network spikes.
  • Mabl is an easy-to-use tool that lets you test without writing scripts thanks to features like machine learning-based self-healing.
  • Mabl is compatible with Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Slack, and Bamboo.
  • Get in touch with Mabl for a quotation on costs.
  • A free trial is also available for the tool.

9. Functionize

FunctionizeFunctionize is a cross-browser compatibility  tool that uses virtual machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide </span>automation for online and mobile apps running on all major operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

  • You may perform automated  using the program on all mobile and web browsers.
  • Additionally, Functionize provides visual testing tools like visual completion and comparison.
  • Functionize is compatible with Jira, TestRail, Jenkins, and Slack, among other systems.
  • Get an estimate for the price by contacting Functionize.
  • A free trial is also available for the tool.

10. Browser ling

Browser ling

Browser ling is an online program that doesn’t need any software ,apps, or support items to be installed. It is mostly used for front-end web testing and has an easy-to-use, straightforward user interface. The among greatest  tools available for startups and independent developers.

  • In addition, you can use the tool to evaluate the responsiveness of your websites and to capture screenshots.
  • It will enable you to graphically present your findings to your team.
  • For a single user, Browser ling starts at $19 a month. Additionally, Browser ling has a free plan. 


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