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All about Visual Testing, Importance and Top Visual Testing Tools

What is Visual Testing, Importance and Top Visual Testing Tools

Being the Product Owner, you must want to deliver well functioning Application along with pixel level user interface. But in reality Visual Testing  and Top Visual Testing Tools  is still missing from Test Plans and teams not caring for Visual Testing.


What is “Visual Testing”?

Did you know what “Visual Testing” actually means? It refers to the evaluation of an application’s visible output and compares it with the outcomes anticipated by design. In other words, it assists in identifying “visual flaws,” which are separate from strictly functional bugs and which affect the appearance of a page or screen. Applitools, an automated Visual Testing tool, can help to speed up this Visual Testing and reduce errors that may occur during manual verification.

Companies utilize manual testers to detect visual problems because automated functional testing techniques are inefficient for doing so. Manual Visual Testing entails contrasting two screenshots, one from your app’s most recent version and the other from a known-good baseline image. You need to take your time with each pair of photographs to be sure you’ve caught every problem. Particularly if the page is lengthy or contains numerous graphic components.

Visual Testing is also known as “visual UI testing,” which ensures that the software user interface (UI) is working as expected. It helps to know that the color, design, theme, and each element of the web page look accurate and give functional results. It apparently examines multiple areas like screen sizes, operating systems, and other factors.

Visual Testing is highly recommended for following type of Applications:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Web and Responsive Web
  • Marketing Websites ( E Commerce Applications)
  • Content Management Systems

What Is the Process of Visual Testing?

In order to determine whether any pixels have changed, visual tests create, examine, and contrast browser snapshots. These pixel disparities are known as visual differences (also known as perceptual differences, pdiffs, CSS differences, and UI differences). It continues with the following steps:

  • an examination of the test runner’s ability to write and run the test.
  • A browser automation framework

An automatic report will be generated once the test code has been completed. The points that highlight the differences between the final and expected images will need to be sought out from this test execution.

Importance of Visual Testing

Did you know why Visual Testing is important? because visual errors happened every time you tried to create a website or a mobile application. There are numerous bugs that can occur while executing or operating any website. There are many examples of user-generated platforms like Instagram, Amazon, Google, Slack, Robin Hood, Poshmark, Yelp, Target, and many others that face bugs and errors. All you need to do is solve these errors by connecting with the best Visual Testing tools and techniques.

Why Costs Extra for Visual Testing?

  • To verify the position of the element
  • To verify the dimensions of the element
  • To verify the elements of the element
  • To verify the visibility of text, css properties/ visibility of elements
  • To verify the text on the images
  • To verify the correct differences

7 Best Visual Regression Testing Tools For QA Teams In 2023

  • AyeSpy: AyeSpy is the best UI Visual Regression Testing Tool. Also this tools is quickest tool and having capability to compare 40 images within a minute.
  • Applitools: Applitools Eyes uses artificial intelligence to help teams to ship visually perfect applications on Browser.

  • Leapwork: Leapwork is the AI based automation tool which is used for visual testing automation.  Most effective for UI snapshot testing. Leapwork is easy to use and integrate in CI Cd environment.



Some key features of Leapwork are :

  •  Code less Automation
  • Capability to record and customize script
  • Easy to integrate in CI CD environments





  • Rainforest QA: An open-source Visual and CSS regression testing software. Rainforest QA is codeless automation tool.

Some key features are :


  • Amazing Test Reports
  • Support Parallel Execution
  • Zero Code Automation Tool




Needle: Needle is amazing testing tool which can be used to test CSS and Visuals using Selenium and Nose.  This tools checks the visuals(CSS, fonts, images/SVG etc) renders correctly by taking screenshots of portion of a website by comparing  with screenshots.


  • Snap and Compare : SnapAndCompare is an easy to use screenshot comparison tool used for CSS Visual Regression Testing built using NodeJS.


It can compare against a single environment or dual and will produce visuals and equality stats on image comparisons.

Run in standalone mode or if you give a watchFile will run everytime that is updated/saved (useful for SASS development).

Visual Testing should be part of  agile methodology Testing and it should be included as part of Sprint/Story testing. Due to Artificial Intelligence, it’s quite easy to automate visual Testing. The class of artificial intelligence algorithms known as computer vision, which is the main engine for visual comparison in the current generation of automated visual assessment. These algorithms are widely used in facial recognition and other image-based item identification applications. We refer to them as “Visual Testing AI tools.”

ThoughtCoders built expertise on  Visual Test Tools and have proven record of excellence quality application delivery. By utilizing our experiences, we have developed streamlined plan with right set of visual testing tools and continuously delivering excellence to customers.

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[…] What is Visual Testing, Importance and Top Visual Testing Tools Being the Product Owner, you must want to deliver well functioning Application along with pixel level user interface. But in reality Visual Testing and Top Visual Testing Tools is still missing from Test Plans and teams not caring for Visual Testing Read more:  […]

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