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Why do you need to learn Test Automation & What Automation Testing Tools you should learn today?

Automation Testing Tools! This is the toughest time for the World ever, as are going through a global pandemic Corona Virus (#coronavirus) outbreak. Everything is changed in terms of the way we work, our work approach, and the tools we used in our day to day work.  So in this scenario Automation is much needed for every business. In fact, not only Automation, but even the codeless automation is also in trend which is easy to learn, use, and update.

In this article, we have listed ” The Top 5 Most Popular Automation Testing Tools In 2020″. Refer below for their analysis and key features.

#1: Selenium: 

Selenium is web based automation tool which is widely used for web automation tool.

Selenium was developed by Jason Huggins in 2004 and later it was developed by Google Developer. Simon Stewart is leading this project and recently Selenium 4.0 alpha version is released. Selenium supporting web automation more than decades and well proved tool and it’s also a base for the other Automation Tool like Katalon Studio, Test Project etc.

Most of the applications moved on cloud and interacted with user through web portal. So Software Industries heavily rely on Browser so Selenium is top most tool for 2020.  Selenium is browser automation tool API which supports Web Automation. 

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Chrome Headless, Mozila, Mozila Headless, Safari, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer  > Supported Programming Language: Java, Python, C#, Javascript, Perl, Ruby and PHP > Supported Platform : Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris.


License: Open-source

Features of Selenium:

  1. Provide Record and Play – Selenium IDE
  2. Supports different locators (X Path, CSS, id etc.)
  3. Support Remote Execution- Selenium Grid
  4. Support Javascript Executor 
  5. Easy to Debug
  6. Screenshot Capture 

Best blog on Selenium: ThoughtCoders Selenium Blogs. 

Best Training: If you are looking for Selenium Training then contact us.

#2: Chropath: 


While web Automation, every automation engineer spends so much time on locator finding but Chropath is wonderful tool which helps to identify locators. Chropath generates customized Xpath (dynamic xpath), css fact, Chropath reduces so much time of every automation engineer. Chropath not only generates locators, helps in verify locator and also generate selenium step codes too. 

As Chropath save so much time of automation so we would keep this tool as 2nd highest demanding tool for automation engineer 2020.

Chropath Xpath

Platform: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera 

License: Open-source


Generate multiple xpath and css locator

Generate Selenium Code

Supports Recording

#3: Katalon Studio:

Katalon is a paid tool that is built on top of Selenium and Eclipse. Katalon Team developed wrapper methods using Selenium, TestNG, and other open-source APIs .
Katalon Studio -A Selenium and Eclipse Based Tool

Katalon is a paid tool that is built on top of Selenium and Eclipse. Its team developed wrapper methods using Selenium, TestNG, and other open-source APIs which allow a user to record test cases, write using keywords, and also allow scripting mode. Its wrapper methods and plugin made automation very easy, quick, and also supports very friendly for CI/CD.

License: Paid

Supported on Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux

Support Automation: Desktop, Web, API and Mobile 

Supported Language: Groovy

Key Features:

  • Supports Record and Play, Keyword and script mode
  • Easy to learn and write quick automation script
  • Supports BDD framework 
  • Many paid plugin provides which helps you in reporting and CI-CD configuration 
  • Support many third party integration with Slack, Jira, and Git

Training: If you are looking for Katalon Studio Training then please contact to ThoughtCoders Team.

#4: Test Project: 

Test Project is cloud hosted, free test automation tool built on Selenium and APPIUM for all tester and developer.

Test Project is a free end to end automation Testing platform for Web, Mobile, and API Testing. Test Project is supported by a huge Automation Community and simplifies the use of Appium and Selenium. It supported on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Test Project provides interactive reports, unlimited execution, CI Integrations, and Record and plays feature. 


– Easy to Install, learn  and use

– Better Reporting

– Support CI and CD integration 

– Community developed SDKs allow for common test steps and additional testing blogs

– Supports team management 

– Support remote and local execution

– Test Project is web  based so it can be supported from anywhere even from Smartphone.

#5: Soap UI

Soap UI is an open source web service testing tool which widely used for SOAP and REST api tetsing.

Soap UI is one of the popular tools for API automation. It supports testing of Rest and SOAP services or HTTP based services. Soap UI is completely free and as well as a paid version. Soap UI has a very user-friendly user interface and supports advanced features like assertion wizard, SQL query Builder. 

Platform: Windows, Linux and MAC


  1. Support SOAP, Rest and HTTP based API Testing
  2. Powerful data driven testing with data files and database 
  3. Asynchronous Testing
  4. Script can be reused easily

The above list of tools is based on popularity, ease of use, learning path, and impact on business. Due to rapid evolution in artificial intelligence, open-source APIs, and innovation; Automation Testing will be still emerging in 2020. Tools that have a higher community will have more popular. This is the only reason for the popularity of Selenium. 

Hope this article gives you about the top 5 automation testing tools of 2020. But still, the selection of tools depends on Application, their use cases. But we will suggest you choose tool which has a huge community and good documentation Feel free to connect to our support team for guidance on automation testing tools, tool selection and automation requirements.

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