Software Testing | Key Differences in Smoke vs Sanity Testing

Difference Between Smoke and Sanity Testing

Software Testing – Smoke Testing Vs Sanity Testing

To deliver high Quality Software Application to end users, every Software Development Company perform iterative testing on Software Applications.  After, every code change Software Application gone through Smoke Testing  to ensure applications base features are working as expected.  Once smoke test passed then Software Testing teams starts Sanity tests which are much focused on impacted areas where latest code change happened.


Smoke Testing:

 It is a type of testing that guarantees an applications basic and critical features are working fine before doing testing smoke testing is also known as a subcategory of acceptance testing to BVT also called. In other words, we can say that smoke testing is used to test all the functionally of the software product or check whether the build is broken or not. It is a basic functionality of testing. Conducted by the developer and tester.

Ex: URL open homepage or not, go to next page or not

Sanity Testing:

It is a maintain features very high-level testing. It is performed to check whether the bugs have been fixed. After the build. It is also known as variant of regression testing the initial aim of performing sanity testing is to determine that the planned features work roughly as expected.  If the sanity test fails the build is rejected to save the costs and time complex in more serve testing. Conducted by tester.  In software testing sanity testing play main roll.

Ex: Login page all the buttons are working correctly after clicking on the button navigation of the page is done or not.

Difference Between Smoke and Sanity Testing

Smoke Testing

Smoke test is done to make sure the build we received from the developer team is stable or not.
Smoke testing is performed by both developer and testers.
Smoke test build may be either stable or unstable.
It is done on initial builds.
It is part of basic testing.
Usually, it is done every time there is a new build

Smoke and sanity testing after build release.

Sanity Test:

Sanity test is done during the release phase to the main functionality of the application without going deeper.
Sanity test is performed by tester.
Sanity test build is relatively stable.
It is done on stable builds.
It is part of regression testing.
It is planned when there is no enough time to do in depth testing.

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