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Boycott Chinese Product! To begin with, it’s a pandemic time. And, the world believes that China is the responsible one who led the whole world in this pandemic situation. And, why shouldn’t they think?

It’s a fact that COVID-19 got spread from Wuhan, China. And, Chinese govt. didn’t handle this seriously & only tried to hide the facts as per many media sources. They tried to hide that people are getting infected by coronavirus & just said it’s a normal flu initially. They also cloaked the statements of some doctors & researchers who were claiming the virus as Corona. So, here we are due to the irresponsibility of the Chinese Govt.

Why We Should Boycott China & Chinese Products? – Boycott Chinese Product

Trending hashtags on social media to boycott china & their products – #BoycottChineseProducts #BanTikTok #Bantiktok

  1. Due to the irresponsible acts of China 🇨🇳. Coronavirus is all over the world. Without doubt, if they would reacted & tackled the initial situation responsibly and had shared all the facts & information with the whole world. There was a better probability world would have fought better with the virus.
  2. China deleted any initial statements given & shared by Chinese experts and doctors regarding coronavirus from the Internet which proves China is guilty & they are trying to prove themselves clean i.e. unethical only.
  3. Most Important One: They are threatening other countries now in terms of economy. Giving messages that they will bring their economy down if countries files cases against china for the spread of COVID-19. Also, they started buying shares of many companies located in their neighboring countries as prices have gone down like an epic bull. And, they are trying to take advantage to make those countries economies fall in the near future & to gain economic control over them in future which is again very unethical practice.
  4. In effect, they have started many military operations to make their neighbor countries fear & capture lands of neighboring countries. Like they have claimed the highest peak of Mount Everest as their own which formally lies under Nepal.

Which Chinese Brands/Products are widely used in India & What are the “Best Chinese brand’s alternative” in India?

  • Mobile Phone/Networking companies Companies

66% of Indians are using China-made Smartphones a/c to a report stated in April 2019

Chinese Brands: Xiaomi, OnePlus, OPPO, VIVO, Huwaei Technologies etc.

Alternatives: Apple (Economical iPhone Chennai Manufactured) Netgear), Samsung (Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India)

  • Home Appliance Maker Electrical  Equipment Companies

A huge percentage of people in India use home appliances like Refrigerators, Washing machines etc.

Chinese Brands: Haier

Alternatives: Godrej (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

  • Chinese Toys & Electrical Appliances

All in all, in huge % age, Indians use Chinese toys and electrical appliances which plays a major impact on our economy.

Chinese Brands: Toys & Diwali lights available at the indian market are mostly Chinese. Switch to traditional diyas & Delhi or any Indian made toys for securing the nation’s economy.

Alternatives: Diyas (Made with mitti or waist), Delhi or other Indian made lights & toys which are easily available in Indian markets.

  • Social Media Apps

A huge percentage of the Indian population uses TikTok, Vigo Video, etc apps that impact to a greater extent. However, 75-80% videos are full of cringe content on Tiktok & Vigo like apps.

Chinese Brands: TikTok, Vigo Video etc.

Alternatives: YouTube (Owned by Google), Likee App (Singapore based App), Instagram (Owned by Facebook) And, currently, a trend is going on with keyword YouTube vs TikTok on social media apps claiming a lot of things & most trending hashtag is #JusticeForCarry on Twitter as youtube removed the most liked non-music video of CarryMinati from Youtube & audience are very disappointed.


To conclude, by following these actions of ours we can preserve our own nation‘s economy & can teach China a strict lesson of ethics. We should be focusing more & more over indigenous products & should start digital marketing campaigns for Make in India & Made in India products which can impact at a huge level.

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