what to do during in lockdown

Everyone’s current question is what should they do during lockdown due to COVID 19? The best answer is that get expertise in the field in which you believe you are the best or can deliver the best. Not yet clear? Then follow below mentioned tips, Do’s and Dont’s which you must follow to shine post lockdown period.

So here we go

Best practices you should follow during Lockdown:

  1. Learn & Upgrade – It’s high time when you should involve yourself in learning & upgrading your skills in which you are most interested. As most of the professionals are working from home these days. So, you are saving a lot of time which earlier you were spending in travelling, taking rest after coming back home. Isn’t it right? Yes, absolutely. So, why still waiting? Get yourself involved in upgrading your professional or personal skill which will literally make sense after the lockdown 😊
  2. Go More Digital – Yes you are reading it right. You should go digital more than you usually do. But, that doesn’t mean you should start wasting your precious time just watching movies or web series getting broadcasted on Netflix, amazon prime video etc. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch anything to get relaxed & entertain. But, here we mean take benefit of digital content that is more flexibly available. Many of digital content creators are providing free courses or a huge discount on numbers of courses. So, start learning through those & outshine your skills
  3. Start Workout or Yoga – So, if you are not making yourself involved in any of the physical activities. Then, you are going wrong. Because this lockdown will make you sit at home and due to least physical activity your body fitness can go wrong & you can end up with getting lazy. So, just start with 10 minutes of workout or yoga session this lockdown & maintain your fitness.
  4. Make your online content more digital – If you are already a lot online or you have your youtube channel, blogs, website etc. Go & spread your content digitally. And, you can do this by doing digital marketing of your digital content. If need any help you can even get advice from us or just submit your request here. Now, let’s go back to the main context for this point. You can do Search Engine Optimization for your blog, videos, a website to boost up your traffic by proving quality content writing or publishing other digital content. And, if you are already good at SEO point then start doing Social Media Marketing which can bring exponential users to your website and that’s it that you want.

What Skills you can learn/upgrade on Thought Coders?

  • Automation Testing skills using Selenium, Java, TestNG, Maven etc.
  • Digital Maketing skills like- SEO, SMM, Content Writing etc.
  • Web Development skills
  • Performance testing skills using JMeter, Postman etc.

Do’s for COVID 19 during Lockdown:

  • Stay at Home, Stay Safe !!
  • Wash your hands properly before eating or touching your face.
  • Use mask while you go out for collecting essentials.
  • Wash or keep items under sunlight for 3-6 hours before using it.
  • Use Hand sanitizers (Alcohol-based) or Hand wash after touching any unknown or external items.
  • Maintain Social distancing
  • Follow rules suggested by Govt.

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Dont’s during Lockdown due to COVID 19:

  • Don’t go outside until it’s really necessary.
  • Forget touching your face or mask while you are out.
  • Please don’t break social distancing rule
  • Most important, don’t just sit at home and do nothing, Keep yourself involved in productive manner

So, these were all the tips, Do’s and Dont’s which you must follow to develop your skills, avoid any danger of getting infected & grow like Savage🤗

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