Expert Quality Assurance Engineer

Amit Yadav

Position: Director
Department: Managment
Experience: 9 Years


Amit is the Director at ThoughtCoders. He has more than 9+Years of experience in Digital Transformation, Software Application Development, Startups strategy, and artificial intelligence. He is a great innovator in Smart Village, Internet of Things(IOT) and great advocator of technologies of the underprivileged. He is directing ThoughtCoders technology team.

Personal Information:

Digital Advocator

Amit is known as Digital Advocator for businesses. He actively works with clients in cost-effective solution development and Digital Transformation. He committed to helping businesses to grow and expand.

Amit’s Academic Achievement:

Amit has done Bachelor of Engineering in 2015 from RGVP, Bhopal. He is the gold medalist of RGVP University. Currently, Amit is also handling research work at RGVP University.

His expertise in mathematical analysis with MATLAB and Python. Developed multiple solutions for Startups and businesses.

Social Worker

Apart from professional work, Amit actively works for underprivileged students’ education. Amit  and  ThoughtCoders team leading Yamuna Digital Research Foundation which is tirelessly working for underprivileged students education.