Gautam Jhosi

Department: Testing
Experience: 2 Year


I am Gautam Joshi, currently holding the position of SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) at ThoughtCoders. My role revolves around ensuring the impeccable quality and reliability of our software products through the implementation of sophisticated automated testing methodologies and stringent quality assurance protocols.

Personal Information:

Name: Mr : Gautam Jhosi

Designation: Senior SDET at Thoughtcoders

Phone : 9555902032

Email :

Educational Background:

My academic foundation includes a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Maharshi Dayanand University. Additionally, I have pursued specialized training in software testing methodologies, acquiring certifications in Python with Machine Learning.

Professional Experience:

With over a year of dedicated service, I have been instrumental in various projects at ThoughtCoders, contributing significantly to the enhancement of our software solutions’ quality and resilience through meticulous testing and quality assurance practices.

Technical Expertise:

I bring a wealth of expertise in a diverse range of automated testing frameworks, prominently leveraging Selenium with Python as a cornerstone of our testing infrastructure. Additionally, I am proficient in utilizing tools such as Pycharm, Intellij and Postman etc. for comprehensive testing across multiple platforms. My skill set extends to API testing, and I am adept at utilizing the Browser Stack automation platform for efficient web application testing. Python serves as my primary programming language for automation tasks, ensuring seamless execution and robust outcomes.

Noteworthy Achievements:

One of my key accomplishments includes spearheading the development and deployment of a comprehensive test automation suite, which has significantly streamlined our testing processes and elevated product reliability. This initiative has garnered recognition within the organization for its substantial impact on operational efficiency and product quality.

Personal Interests:

Beyond the realm of software development, I find fulfillment in various persona interests and hobbies. Gaming provides me with a platform for relaxation and strategic engagement, while music serves as both a source of inspiration and relaxation. Furthermore, I am an avid reader, continuously seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge base, and I find joy in capturing life’s moments through the art of photography.

Professional Mission:

My professional mission revolves around the unwavering commitment to excellence in software quality. Through the implementation of innovative testing strategies and automation techniques, I strive to uphold the highest standards of reliability and performance in our software products, thereby contributing to ThoughtCoders’ continued success and reputation in the