Top Five Webinar Tool Crafted For Customer Engagement Sessions

Well we all know about webinars, it’s the talk of the town and the new normal these days to interact with your customers. Those who don’t know, webinar is the seminar conducted online.

That’s simple. (
In the current pandemic times, the digital medium is the best and hygienic way to interact with your customer.

There are various ways of doing so and the best one is to interact live with your customers. Talking about this, webinars are the talk of the town and is the best way to convey your ideas and knowledge with your customers and help them understand their pain points on a live session.

Now, Let’s talk about the top five webinar tools

Top Five Webinar Tools:

GoToWebinar – One of the simplest self-service webinar tool, GoToWebinar is developed by LogMeIn Inc, a Boston based provider of SaS and cloud based connectivity services.

The main features of this webinar tool includes :-

  • Screen Sharing
  • Live Polls
  • Conference Calling
  • Video Conferencing
  • Meeting Recording

It is available for desktop, Android and Apple devices. The plan of the platform starts from USD 89 per month and goes up to USD 429 per month, all billed annually.

Livestorm – It is a browser based webinar complete video communication toolbox. It is widely used because of its user friendly interface and it also requires no downloads of plugins and add-ons. Well it will be wrong to say that it is only used for webinars, as it can be the best choice to conduct product demos, sales webinars, online classes, online onboarding sessions and much more. The basic plan is free and the paid plan starts from $31 per month per host and goes upto $99 per month per host.

Zoho meeting – This interactive webinar tool allows you to create polls and customized Q&A sessions with many advanced features including screen sharing and customized registration forms. It is compatible for desktop, Android and iOS devices. It is one of the cheapest webinar tools starting from $7.49 and goes up to $31.14 per month, billed annually.

Easy Webinar – This webinar tool combines the power of a full suite marketing platform which allows you to interact with your customers, engagement automation and campaign optimization. This toll is all handy to be customized as per the look and feel of your organization and have outstanding templates for real feel and experience. The Plan starts from $59 per month and goes up to $349 per month, billed annually.

Click Meeting – It is one of the best webinar tools to count on when you are looking for a customized webinar room for training, teaching, coach and interacts with your customers. The best part is, it offers the webinar recording feature with an option to create a sub account for hosts and co-hosts. This tool is trusted by more than 1000000 customers in more than 161 countries.
The plan starts from $25 per month and goes up to $40 per month, billed annually. It also offers a customized plan for large enterprises.

Webinar tools

Well, most of the webinar tools are similar to each other in terms of features, what sets them apart are the different purposes and agendas they’re being used for. Also, before conducting any webinar, you need to reach to the audiences and convert them into attendees which is the base of conducting an interactive webinar. Here you will need the help of digital marketers and website developers.

Worry not, contact us today for best Digital Marketing Services and Web Development Services. Let’s make your webinar a huge success.

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