Selenium Training Overview

ThoughtCoders Selenium training course helps you learn selenium, the most popular automation testing tool. In this selenium course, you will learn Selenium components like- Selenium IDE, RC, WebDriver, and Grid in the most practical way & live sessions.

What will you learn in this Selenium training course?

  1. Basics of automation testing
  2. Why Selenium?
  3. Selenium automation testing advantages?
  4. Selenium RC
  5. Selenium IDE & hands on over it
  6. Set up Selenium Maven project
  7. TestNG & JUnit Plugin in Eclipse/Other IDE
  8. Introduction to Selenium WebDriver
  9. Writing automation/Selenium script or programs for operation like- Click, Set text, handling frames & windows, assertions, verify, checkbox, drop down handling etc.
  10. Execution of automation/selenium script or programs
  11. Error handling, Test suite creation and Using Selenium Grid for software testing

Who can take this Selenium training course?

  1. Software developers, QA and test Engineers
  2. System analyst, Automation Engineer/tester, BI & ETL professionals
  3. One who needs to change their profile to Software testing with basic programming knowledge.

Prerequisites for taking the Selenium training course?

  1. Having a basic knowledge of C or Java programming language. But, not mandatory for taking this Selenium training course.

Why should you take this best Selenium training course?

At ThoughtCoders, We completely focus on enhancing the technical skills of every trainee and as the world is evolving in testing profile. So, automation testing has become a very important profile for almost all tech/IT companies to automate testing of their applications to provide more & more quality based products & services.

And, Selenium is one of the most popular & efficient automation tools which is open-source & has been created by industry experts.

Thus, taking this selenium training course at ThoughtCoders will help you uprise your skills & expertise in the market

Outcome of this course

After taking a Selenium training course at ThoughtCoders, you will have expertise in automation testing & other plugins & tools according to the corporate world and even you will be able to provide training sessions to other professionals. Not only this, but you will be able to grab very good opportunities in the market with all your skills build after taking this course

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