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Selenium Tutorials & Training Program – Learn Selenium By Experts

ThoughtCoder’s Selenium tutorial will help you learn selenium from scratch even if you are a beginner. This course has been designed to provide you all of the selenium basics as well as advanced concepts of Selenium and hence designed for both beginners and professionals.

Get yourself registered with us in professional training program of Selenium, Java or automation testing and upgrade your skills to the current market level to outshine in the testing profile.

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Selenium Tutorials:

1. Install Selenium & Get Started

2. Setup Selenium with Maven, and TestNG

3. Locators in Selenium WebDriver & its types

4. How to handle Iframes in Selenium?

5. How to handle dropdowns using Selenium?

6. How to handle multiple windows in selenium?

7. Handle mouse hover, double click in Selenium

8. Find all broken links using selenium

9. Read excel file with Apache POI in selenium

10. Store excel data with HashMap in selenium

11. Download files using Selenium WebDriver

12. Automate XML Parser using Selenium in Java

Selenium Miscellaneous Tutorials:

13. Introduction to Selenium 4.0 & Its features

14. WebDriver manager in Selenium

15. Create BDD project in Selenium & Cucumber

16. TestNG – Assertions in Selenium

17. Test browser console error logs in Selenium

Selenium Interview Questions:

18. Selenium Interview questions

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