Mobile app automation testing is the procedure of verification where the mobile app requires to and goes through certain testing techniques as per security reasons in design and development. Mobile apps refer to three types of software as native apps, mobile web apps, and hybrid apps.

The entire software development process is followed up by successful Mobile automation testing before its deployment to the open marketplace. This final step ensures the well-functioning of the application and allows you to predict the user experience and journey throughout the application. Mobile automation not only checks for the functionality and quality of the app but also the effectiveness toward user engagement.

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Functional Testing

Functional Testing includes core structures, UI elements, screen adaptation, and functions of the app. Automation anywhere mobile gets you installation and update processes, compatibility, localization settings, and accessibility of the application

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Interrupt Testing

Interrupt tests is carried out where Mobile automation checks for such as incoming and outgoing calls/SMS/MMS, pop-up notifications/reminders, etc. team at Thought Coders handle all the interruptions and make sure the user will not ace that.

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Operation Testing

Operational testing assesses the features like power cycling, data cable connection, Wi-Fi connection, and aeroplane mode status. Comparing the featured functionalities and the compatibility with the operating system it will be installed on.

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Security Testing

Mobile app automation testing detects every minor attack and completely secure the application regarding cyber and network security. As we know that security is a major concern than growth in the digitally stronger world for sure.

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