Katalon and Selenium Detailed Comparison

This article is very important for Automation Testing Teams, Automation Developers, DevOps Team and Managers to understand which tool is best for their automation testing requirements. Let’s try to consolidate all the differences so that, teams can make the correct decisions in tool selection.

What is Katalon Studio ?

Katalon Studio is made on the top of Eclipse and Selenium WebDriver. Katalon team developed user-friendly methods which helps the user during Automation. Katalon Studio’s most popular methods which make automation developer tasks lighter & efficient:

WebUI.openBrowser() : This method is used to Open Browser

WebUI.switchToIFrame(WebElement element) : This method is used to switch Into Iframe

WebUI.click() à This method is used to click on WebElement

WebUI.verifyElementClickable(WebElement element) : This method is used to verify whether element is clickable or not

WebUI.waitForElementClickable() : This method is used to wait for Element Clickable

WebUI.wait(int seconds) : This method is used for explicit wait

WebUI.switchToWindowIndex(int index) : This method is used to switch into Window Index

WebUI.switchToWindow(String WinTittle) : This method is used to switch into window using window title

Few Popular Assertions:


WebUI.navigateToUrl(String url)

WebUI.navigateToUrl(String rawURL)





WebUI.verifyElementAttributeValue(TestObject, String Atrribute, String AttributeValue, 30)

WebUI.verifyElementClickable(TestObject to, FailureHandling.OPTIONAL)





Gives flexibility to create TestSuite

Katalon Studio TestSuite

How to Manage TestSuite: Katalon Studio gives robust GUI to Manage Test Cases in Suite and sequence.

Katalon Studio TestSuite View

Selenium Jar’s  and Testng

Selenium Jar’s and TestNG

Browser Drivers exe

Browser Driver or WebDriver

Major features of Katalon Studio:

  1. In Build user friendly methods
  2. Support Record and Play, Manual Mode and script mode
  3. Less Coding Knowledge Required

License:  Paid License Tool (Free for Individual Contributors)

Katalon Studio is promoted as free tool but actually it’s paid for corporate usage. Katalon Team initially launched this tool as “it’s free and always free” but recently they changed their policy and make it Paid Tool. Katalon Studio’s support is also paid and community is very less.

Source: Katalon Forum

Katalon Studio Detailed UI View

Selenium Framework: Most of the companies are using Selenium Framework as Selenium Based framework is free of cost. Here is why companies choose Selenium Framework:

  • Selenium Based Framework is completely free
  • Gives Flexibility to integrate new features as per organization requirement.

Popular frameworks using Selenium Automation:

  1. Hybrid Framework
  2. Data Driven Framework
  3. Behavior Driven Framework
  4. Page Object Model

Note: During Katalon Walkthrough we found that Katalon is completely based on following open sources APIs:

  1. Selenium Jar
  2. TestNG
  3. JUNIT
  4. Eclipse
  5. Selenium Grid

Katalon vs Selenium:

Category Selenium Framework Katalon Studio
Price Free Paid
Flexibility to implement New Feature Very Flexible (Allure Report, Cucumber or Any other feature can be integrated easily) Not so flexible( Basic Report Available)
Ease of Using Bit Difficult Very Easy
Learning Curve Long Smaller
Integration with Third Party Application To achieve any feature we have write code Provide wide range of Plugins like Jira Plugin, Analytics etc.

How to achieve Framework like Katalon Studio:

  1. Write good quality Base Class which have good methods like Katalon Studio
  2. Selenium Wrapper Methods





click(WebElement ele)

setText(WebElement ele, String text)

switchToWindowIndex(int n)

switchToWindowTitle(String winTitle)

moveToElement(int num)

WaitForJQueryLoad(int waitTime)

waitForPageLoad(int waitTime)

waitForElementLoad(int num)

getCellData(String workBookName, String sheetName, int rowNo, int column)

getRowCounts(String workBookName, String sheetName)

saveData(String workBookName, String sheetName int rowNo, int ColumnName)

  • TestData Wrappers:



convertToInt(String num)

convertToString(int num)

  • Listeners:

Implement Testng Listeners and WebDriverEventListeners smartly to achieve best features:

Use Testng Annotation Sequence:

  1. BeforeSuite
  2. BeforeClass
  3. BeforeTest
  4. BeforeMethod
  5. AfterMethod
  6. Test
  7. AfterTest
  8. AfterClass
  9. AfterSuite

@BeforeGroup – Run before first Test of group

@AfterGroup- Run after last Test of group

  • Integrate Allure Report and Extent Reports
  • Cucumber FeatureFiles
  • Email Feature – use Java Mail API
  • Integrate JDBC for Database Testing

Selenium document link : https://selenium.dev/

Good quality of Base Methods, implementation of Listeners and open Sources API speed up automation script and help you to develop of Robust Framework.

When we choose Selenium and When we choose Katalon Studio?

Katalon Studio provides robust framework where even manual Tester can write automation script. While writing automation script using selenium is not easy even good knowledge of Java (or any programming Language) is required.

If cost is not constraint and wants to achieve good progress in Automation then Katalon Studio is best option. One important thing is here Katalon Studio team may increase price in future.

But on the other side if you have stable application and you have good time then go for Selenium Based Framework. Initially it will take time but once after framework stability it will be as equivalent Katalon Studio.

Best Automation Testing Tool:

Katalon Studio is a very efficient, robust & all in one bundled automation testing tool that you can select to start writing automation script for automating your test process for web applications, mobile app etc. But, there are many available options other than katalon studio which provides better results in terms of different criteria or requirements.

At the end we can say selection of tool depends on time, team skills, duration of project other factors. By analyzing these factors we can select tools for automation.

Hope this article helps you to select best automation testing tool. Still if you have doubt then please contact us for additional Support.

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