Introduction of Murex System – What is Murex, How to Learn, and career opportunities?

Software technologies are growing with great velocity and have great flexibility to handle complex business workflows.  This enables organizations to build amazing software tools to automate a complex business process like Enterprise resource management tools like ERP, SaaS, many tools for hotel management like Birch Street Systems, many tools for accounting and finance like Oracle Finance (HCM), etc.

Electronics platform gives new heights to the trading industry (Investment Banking). Murex is the one of best tools to manage end to end Trade Life Cycle and adopted by World leading Banks like ANZ, NatWest, JP Morgan, HSBC, Citibank, ICICI, Standard Chartered Banks, etc.

Murex Introduction

Murex is Java Applet based tool that provides a user-friendly screen to manage Front office Activities, Middle office activities, and Back Office activities. It’s used for Counterparty data set up (Static data set up), pre-trade booking validation, Middle office validation, exchange acknowledgment, trade settlement and clearing, user management, market data sync up, market risk calculation( VAR calculation- Value at Risk Calculations), MLC ( Murex Limit Controllers), Reporting, etc.

Murex also gives the tool MxTest(Onyx) to automate Murex tasks like trade insertion( e-tradepad insertion), OSP(One-time processing), workflows automation, and reporting. MxTest has predefined blocks for each test case and automation developers need to configure as per their test case.

Murex Functions: Murex Mx3 platform gives flexibility to financial institutions to manage Capital Markets. It helps to manage:

  1. Trading
  2. Risk Management
  3. Collateral
  4. Operations
  5. Investment Management           
  6. Treasury

Murex Features: Murex has the following features:

  1. Platform: Murex builds on a client-server model so easily extendable across platforms.
  2. Connectivity:  Banking institutions provide different interfaces to book trades (like Bloomberg, Wallmart, VCON, Loan IQ, etc). Murex is very flexible and integrates with external interfaces.
  3. Performance: Murex is a highly scalable and efficient performance tool.

Ways to Learn Murex:

Murex is a licensed-based tool so to learn Murex you have two options first option either you employed directly by Murex or join an organization that is working on Murex. But if both options are not available then you can learn the following topics which help you get opportunities:

  1. Build strong expertise on Capital Market Products and trade life cycle.
  2. Learn deeply about XML and Java
  3. Be the expert on SQL and Unix
  4. Collect financial learning certificates

Job Opportunities in Murex

As Murex is widely used by World leading financial institutions so Murex has bulk job opportunities in Murex Developer, MXML Developer, Murex Business Analyst, Murex Data Analyst, Murex DataMart Engineer, MxTest (Onyx) Professions ( Murex Automation Professional, Murex Functional Tester, and Murex Performance Tester.

To get an opportunity on Murex check career sections of world-leading banking institutions, capital market firms, and service-based IT Companies like Accenture, Sapient, HCL, TCS, Infosys, Virtusa, etc. Also many job-oriented sites LinkedIn, Naukri, Indeed, CareerBuilder and Ladders, etc.

Hope this article helps you to know about Murex, Murex features, technologies involved and job opportunity available on it. Please feel free to contact us at or WhatsApp on +919555902032. Also, you can refer to our other blogs on Java, SQL, and Selenium.


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Ed Cawsey
2 months ago

Don’t forget Synechron – the first ever Murex Alliance partner and a huge successful Systems Integrator.
You can contact me directly if your interested in our Murex Academy – but you must have skills in Java, SQL and a hunger to learn financial instruments such as Bonds, Swaps, Options and Futures.
It is a very rewarding career path and Synechron is a brilliant employer.

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