Top Automation Interview Questions with Answers

Basic/Beginner Level Automation Testing Interview Questions

We are going to categorize this topic into 3 broad categories so that, everyone reading out this article can better understand how to perfectly prepare themselves for “Automation Testing Interview”. In this blog, we bring top Automation Interview Questions with Answers which must help everyone who is looking for job.

We will be covering the questions with answers for Beginners to Intermediate and next to Expert level candidates i.e. 0 to 5 Years experience.

Q #1 What is Automation?

Answer: Automation is any action/process which can minimize manual process in order to reduce human efforts.

Q #2 What is Automation Testing?

Answer: It’s a process of using some software tools or scripts to perform testing task in order to replace manual testing with software/script based testing for testing some web applications, modules, test scenarios or cases etc. is known as Automation testing.

Q #3 Name some tools used for Automation Testing?

Answer: Selenium, Katalon Studio, TestComplete, Ranorex etc.

Q #4 How to identify Web Elements for Automation testing or in Selenium?

Answer: Actually, there are many ways to identify Web Elements in Web Driver. Some are: Id, Name, Text, CSS, XPath and many more

Q #5 What should we automate in testing?

Answer: Features, Modules or tasks which are less frequently changed & are very crucial in any web application or others should be automated.

In short,

  • Repetitive tasks
  • Smoke tests
  • Regression tests
  • Test with multiple data sets

Answer: //webElement[@id=’id1′] or //webElement[@name=’name1′] etc.

Note: But, Decision is completely on Return on Investment (ROI)

Q #6 How to write XPath to identify a web element?

e.g. //button[@id=’submit’]


Q #7 What are Keywords in software automation testing?

Answer: Keywords are collection of scripts/codes created for performing some repetitive task while automating any web application etc. It can be called just like methods/functions which are created for purpose of re-usability of codes.

E.g. Suppose, in a web application there are modules like- Login, Catalog, Cart, Payment Gateway, Generating/Creating Order, Logout etc.

And, while automating the whole application we need to create test cases and scenarios.So, multiple test scripts are written and to perform/execute every test script we first of all need to login every time. So, Instead of writing script for login case in every test script file. We will create a function/method/Keyword which we will call in every test script just like we do in every programming language like- Java, C++ etc.

Q #8 Tell something about Selenium?

Answer: Selenium is a free (Open source) test automation library which is widely used for automating mobile and web applications environments.

Selenium supports scripting in languages like- Java, python, C#, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Javascript.

Q #9 What is WebDriver in Selenium?

Answer: WebDriver is an Interface. WebDriver defines common methods which all browser classes (such as Firefox, Chrome etc.,) use. All these class methods are derived from WebDriver interface.

Q #10 Why we don’t write WebDriver driver = new WebDriver()?

Answer: WebDriver is an interface and we can’t create objects for interface.


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