top 10 tools for every software development company

Top 10 Tools For Every Software Development Company

Top 10 tools for every software development company! Due to Covid-19, every Software Development Company has converted their offline work locations into virtual locations. This transition happened very smooth and efficient and this is possible due to user-friendly, intelligent software applications. These smart tools not only helps you develop smart Software Applications, even help teams to track work, correct and protect their work and save on cloud. These applications are efficient,  easy to configure, and use by software development companies which bring the world in your hand, just a click away.

These software development tools help in expanding the process by contributing functions like IDE, code-free developments, templates, API, Data synchronization, and Analytics.

These tools offer APIs that further simplify the process by providing their backend services. Also, they present features like assistance in workflow design along with hardware compatibility. Many of these applications also help in developing apps for desktops and mobile devices.

The applications have some default themes which gives developers a benefit to create a white label app in no time. With these tools or applications one can create apps that will run smoothly on any platform such as iOS, Android and Windows.

How to pick the best applications? – top 10 tools for every software development company


Before picking software applications to build an app do keep in mind a few things which are:

  • Brand name: Don’t just select any software application by reading reviews but also do research on multiple platforms.
  • Numerous Supporting Adaptations: Always pick apps that can support both horizontal and vertical views.
  • No Exception For Push Notification: As the push notifications will bring your audience back to you so always pick an application that will not charge you after a certain limit but will allow you no barring for push notifications.
  • Giving Real-Time Updates: Always pick a software that is compatible with the regular changes and updates as if it will not upgrade the changes on a real-time basis, it will have to wait for a few hours.


Now let’s see the “top 10 tools for every software development company” which could be a perfect pick!

1. Microsoft Products:

Microsoft office products give a wide range of options starting from operating systems for personal computers to servers, phones, and other intelligent devices. Also, they have multiple applications like server applications, productivity applications, business solution applications, desktop and server management tools, and much more.MicroSoft Office Products




2. IntelliJ IDEA:

It is considered as one of the best IDEs amongst software developers. Also, termed as the most powerful, efficient, and fully equipped IDE for Java developers.Intellij Idea Logo

Besides Java it can also support most languages like Kotlin, Groovy, Clojure, Scala and others. This app enhances productivity without disturbing the user interface.


IntelliJ IDE vs VS (Visual Studio Code): While IntelliJ IDE is amazingly intelligent, supports many languages and is highly recommended ide, VS is popular for its intellisense and plug-ins.  Also, being a complete idea plus debugger it is often preferred more.

3. Git:

This is free and open-source software mainly utilised for tracking changes in any set of files. Primarily used among programmers working together in designing source code during software development.  Git is designed to handle everything involved in a project starting from speed to efficiency.Git Hub Logo

Having features like cheap local branching, convenient staging areas, and multiple workflows, Git outshines many tools like Subversion, CVS, Perforce, and ClearCase.


4. Teams:

Built to replace Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams has proven to be a better application. From audio calls, messages to group messages and video calls, it has everything a business


the group can need. Here you can share documents and arrange meetings as well.Microsoft Teams




5. Slack:

Meet another intelligent app Slack, which is primarily a messaging app built for business. We use it to share information amongst the group members working together. It can make an organization work better by providing a more relevant and coordinated way of communication.Slack Logo

It is considered better and simpler than an email which we use in any organization. Here information is not shared by chains of mails but by channels- which give better clarity to work. Also, slack offers timely and open communication amongst workers along with streamlining tasks and maintaining records of internal communications between workers.



6. Jenkins:

This is used by developers to create and test a product continuously and keep a check on the changes. Being the most popular open-source CI/CD tool, Jenkins supports DevOps.

Jenkins Logo

Also, it can support other cloud-native tools.

7. Docker:

enables platform as service and user operating system virtualization to deliver Software Packages called containers. It is a time-saving tool that is easy to learn. It is basically an open source containerization platform. This tool helps in separating your applications from infrastructure for a quick delivery of software. Using this tool developers can make any application lightweight and portable which can run virtually anywhere.

Docker Logo




8. PuTTY:

Putty is small but amazing tool for every developer. Most of applications are host on Linux/Unix environment so developer needs to read, write, and execute files on servers.

Putty - Smart Tool for Connecting with Servers

PuTTY help developers to connect with server and perform task on server. PuTTY is open source and free utility which make it much popular in 2022 as well.


9. Atlassian Jira:

It is an application primarily used for Project Management, tracking, bug reporting, and follow-up. It helps in tracking bugs, stories, epics, and other tasks’ status. This tool also helps in estimating time for subjects after you prioritize your backlog. Also, it has features like velocity measurements and robust reporting. Modifies workflows to fit your frameworks.


Test Managment Tool -Jira






10. Sonarqube:

This is a code quality assurance tool that collects and analyzes source code. Basically, it detects errors in the code and alerts developers. By combining static and dynamic analysis tools we can continually measure quality. SonarQube helps developers to write cleaner and safe code. It automatically verifies thousands of automated static analysis rules.

SonarQube Logo




Hope this article helps you in selecting tool sets for your development teams. Feel free to contact us or reach out to us on for more information. You may check our blog section for step by step guide for above tools. Or you can join us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram for latest updates.

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