Top 10 security testing tools for software testing teams

Security Testing – Top 10Tools for Software Testing Teams

In the present era, Cyber Attacks are increasing day by day and every application is on target of hackers, threat creators. This is due to economic differences, competitions to grow faster, political factors etc induce cyber attacks on rivals to bring down systems, get important data and destroy brand values. This increases the demands of Security Testing Tools and makes Security Testing vital for every Software Development team.

Security Testing is the specialised type of  Software Testing which focuses on application security  loopholes such as vulnerabilities, malware, phishing, cross site scripting, session hijack etc. Security testing is performed by Automation Tools and manually as well. This article brings insights on top 10 security testing tools for QA Teams.

1. OWASP Zap (Zed Attack Proxy):

A widely-used open-source tool, OWASP Zap offers automated and manual security testing. Its features include scanning for vulnerabilities, intercepting proxy, and automated pen-testing, making it a go-to for developers and security professionals.Its allows developers to identify and fix vulnerabilities in their web applications

OWSAP Zap tool have following capabilities:

    • Automation: Flexibility to automate your security test and integrate in CI CD Pipeline
    • Authenticate: Provides options to authenticate your login calls
    • Docker : ZAP’s Docker images available so it can be run on pipeline as well    OWASP Zap
    • Statistics: Provide test execution statistics

       ZAP’s execution report comprises of:

  • Alerts Details
  • Constants
  • Provide details of Internal Application Events
  • Provide details test execution results

2. Burp Suite:

A versatile toolkit, Burp Suite aids in web application security testing. Its wide range of features covers everything from scanning for vulnerabilities to identifying potential security issues, making it a must-have for penetration testers.

It is a graphical tool performing security testing in web applications.

Burp Suite offers following features to their users:                        Burp Suite


  • Summary dashboard and reporting
  • Capabilities to test APIs ( REST, SOAP and GraphQL)
  • Easily integration in CI/CD platforms
  • API Scanning
  • Test Recording

3. Nessus: 

Nessus is a comprehensive vulnerability scanner that helps organisations identify weaknesses across networks, systems, and applications. Nessus is an open source tool and it’s launched in 1998 and its commercial version launched in 2005.  It’s a powerful tool for proactive vulnerability management.

Nessus can automate vulnerability scanning, missing patches, malware and missing configurations. Nessus offers following capabilities to their users

  • Unlimited Scanning                                    Nessus
  • Use Anywhere using Cloud
  • Configuration Assessment
  • Cloud Infrastructure Scanning
  • 500 Prebuilt scanning policies

4. Acunetix:

Focusing on web application security, Acunetix offers automated scanning and manual testing capabilities. Its advanced detection of vulnerabilities and integration into the development process make it a favourite among security teams.  Acunetix- Security Testing Tools

  • Eliminate false positive results
  • Detailed Vulnerability location
  • Get Remediation Guidance:

5. Nikto:

Nikto is a command-line tool that specialises in web server scanning. It identifies common security issues and vulnerabilities, making it an excellent choice for quick assessments.

Nikito is a pluggable web server and CGI scanner written in PERL programming language.

 Some Key features are:                                                                                Security Testing Tools - Nikto

  • Easily updatable CSV format check database
  • HTML and text file reports
  • Automatic switching for HTTP versions
  • Generic as well as specific server Software checks
  • Proxy and Cookies support

6. Wireshark:

For network security analysis, Wireshark is a go-to tool. It captures and analyzes network packets, providing insights into potential security threats and anomalous activities.

Key features of Wireshark:                                            Wireshark - Open Source Security Testing Tool

  • Deep inspections of hundred of calls
  • Live capture and offline analysis
  • Standard three pane packet browser
  • Wireshark available for Windows and Unix Platforms
  • Cross platform support ( Windows, Linux, FreeBSD) etc
  • Live data read from Ethernet, IEEE802.11, PPP/HDLC, ATM and bluetooth protocols
  • Decryption support for various protocols
  • Provide filters to categories various types of Packets
  • Ability to search packets on various criteria

Wireshark is an open source tool and most popular for network call analysis. Our Security Testing have proven experience of Wireshark implementation and can help you get desired Security and vulnerability reports.

7. QualysGuard:

QualysGuard is a cloud-based solution for vulnerability management and compliance. It offers scanning capabilities for web applications, networks, and cloud environments.                          Qualys- Security Testing Tool



8. Nmap:

Nmap is a powerful network scanner that helps discover devices and services on a network, providing a comprehensive view of potential entry points for attackers.

 NMAP is primarily used for network exploration, host directory  and security audit.

NMAP helps you in                                                                            NPAM.ORG - Security Testing Tool

  • PING based IP scanning
  • HOST Scanning
  • Directory Scanning
  • PORT Scanning
  • Service or Version Detection
  • Firewall/IDS Evasion and Spoofing
  • Testing by updating DNS based Testing

9. Metasploit:

Metasploit is the most popular penetration testing framework that aids in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities. It’s a versatile tool for security professionals to simulate real-world attacks. Metasploit is the open source community and Rapid7 testing tool which is widely used for vulnerability analysis, manage security  assessments, and improve security awareness.

  • Collection of many tools            Metasploit - Security Testing Tool
  • Quick execution
  • Automatic Reporting

Metasploit has an interactive community and well supported documentation.  You may get more details from .



Focusing on web security headers, assesses the security configuration of your web application. It provides recommendations for improving security posture.

Hope this article helps you in learning about Security Testing Tools. You may check our blogs for more detailed knowledge on these security testing tools. To know more about Security Testing and our services you may book an appointment with our Consultants.


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