Why Selenium?

Selenium interview questions! To begin with, Selenium with Java is one of the most important and trending skills in the Software Testing Domain where most of the jobs are posted. Point often overlooked is that most of the CMMI V companies prefer to hire Quality Analysts with this skill set. Undoubtedly this is the best profile to enter into coding from Manual Testing. This article helps you to get the most common interview questions. Therefore, without delay, let’s get started!

Popular JD For QA’s

Generally, we post Job description for the following requirements:

  • Core Java (Mandatory Skill Set)
  • In the second place, Selenium (Mandatory Skill Set)
  • Testng/Cucumber(BDD) (One is mandatory)
  • Database Knowledge
  • Manual Testing  and API Questions

Skills Required For Automation Profile?

Core Java:

This is the one of the most important skill set for an Automation Tester and most of the time it’s deciding skill. This is to say with attention to its popularity, refer below for questions:

Java Interview Question required for Selenium: Selenium interview questions

  1. Name some OOPs concepts of Java?
  2. What do you understand with Polymorphism?
  3. Difference between Abstract class and Interface and why it is used?
  4. Static Keyword and why it is used?
  5. Difference between final, finally and finalize?
  6. Difference between throws and throw?
  7. In effect can an Interface implement or extend another interface?
  8. What is a marker Interface?
  9. Can we have try without catch block?
  10. Difference between String, StringBuilder, and StringBuffer?
  11. Why String is popular HashMap key in Java?
  12. What is difference between comparator and comparable class?
  13. Write a Java program to check Palindrome?
  14. Write a java program to found duplicate words from sentence. Ex. Sentence = “AGRA IS MY HOMETOWN AGRA NOIDA AGRA”. Output: AGRA 3
  15. Write a java program to find duplicate characters from string, find number from the given string, print reverse sentence in reverse order ?Input: “INDIA IS MY HOME COUNTRY”. Output: “COUNTRY HOME MY IS HOME”
  16. Write a java program to read data from notepad.
  17. Write a program to count files in a given directory.
  18. What is Maven and why it is used?
  19. What are the Life cycles of Maven?
  20. Which code management tool do you use? Write few git command to create branch, clone and commit?


After completion of Core Java round interviewer moved on Selenium Concepts. With this intention we bring here the mostly expected questions. Hence, without a doubt let us check the following top questions

Selenium Interview Questions:

  1. Write code to capture screenshots?
  2. Write selenium code to assert all links are working and there is no broken links on-page.
  3. How to switch within Iframes.
  4. Write relative Xpath using following ancestor and following siblings.
  5. Why we use WebDriver Manager ?
  6. What are the methods available in the WebDriver Event Listener interface?
  7. Explain internal architecture of Selenium WebDriver ?
  8. Why and how you use Selenium Grid ?
  9. How to get details of multiple windows and how to switch between Windows.
  10. How you get data from WebTables ?
  11. Desired capabilities and why it is used?
  12. Different types of Wait available in Selenium?
  13. Difference between implicit and explicit wait?
  14. Common exceptions found during Selenium Automation and how do you handle them?
  15. Explain your automation framework and what are the features in it?
  16. Write few utilities code like excel reader, CSV reader, and  JDBC connection code.


While it may be true, it is one of the popular frameworks in industries so most the interviewer likes deep dive into it. As has been noted, despite going to its root, let us firstly straightaway take the case of what’s more if we were facing an interview.

Interview Questions:

  1. Why testing is used in Automation framework?
  2. What is difference between Hard assert and soft assert.
  3. How to pass parameter from testing XML.
  4. How to run test classes parallel and how test methods.
  5. Write the structure of testing XML structure.
  6. How you run TestNG XML from the command line.
  7. What are the annotations available in TestNG and what is the sequence of their execution?
  8. Ignore a test in TestNG.
  9. Data providers in TestNG?
  10. Run failed test cases using TestNG XML.?

Cucumber BDD:

One of the demanding frameworks and used in most of the MMCs. In this case, good answers on Cucumber ensure your selection. Here are the interview questions:

Cucumber BDD Interview Questions:

  1. What is BDD (Behavioral Driven Development) framework and why it is used?
  2. Which language is used to write feature file?
  3. What are the components of the feature file?
  4. What is the difference between Scenario and Scenario Outline?
  5. How do you run the Cucumber feature file?
  6. How you perform Data-Driven Testing with Cucumber ?
  7. What is the purpose of Step Definition file ?
  8. Why Background Keyword is used?

Database Testing:

All in all, being a senior Software Test Engineer, Database knowledge is mandatory. Although this may be true, one required proper knowledge of database. With this purpose in mind, together with database and testing, here are the important Database questions for Automation Engineer:

Database Testing Interview Questions:

  1. What is the difference between truncate, delete and drop commands?
  2. Write query to find third highest salary of employee?
  3. Difference between view and table?
  4. Difference between procedure and trigger?
  5. What is stored procedure?
  6. What is a cursor?
  7. String functions?
  8. What is a coalition?

Manual & API Testing:

As a matter of fact, an automation tester is best if he has the gene of Manual Tester. However, he should be good in either scenario creation, test plan Test strategy, or agile methodology. Therefore, to sum up, here are few important questions which interviewer likes to ask at the end of interview and are equally important.

Manual & API Testing Interview Questions:

  1. Agile ceremonies involved in Project Life Cycle?
  2. Story point and who gave these story points?
  3. Difference between project backlog and sprint backlog?
  4. Burn down chart?
  5. Difference between a test strategy and test plan?
  6. What is Kanban ?
  7. Extreme programming and scrum?
  8. Velocity of Sprint and how do we measure it?
  9. Common architectural style of creating a web api ?
  10. Principle of API Test Design?
  11. Procedure to perform API Testing?
  12. Major challenges you faced in API Testing?
  13. Difference between POST and PUT Request?
  14. Common response codes of API ?
  15. Difference between PATCH and UPDATE?
  16. Differences between SOAP and REST API?
  17. Continuous Integration and How you will achieve this?

To conclude, with the result that the above questions are enough to crack interview any Senior Automation Engineer role. In general, Thought Coders website not only have very good content but also helps you to learn new technologies and crack interview. Therefore, explore our website and share your feedback on query@thoughtcoders.com

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