How to Get Software Testing Job in 30 Days?

How to get software testing job? Yes!! this is possible, even if not then we can make it possible. As World is going through corona pandemic and businesses are in huge loss so we must have to keep ready for unexpected job crisis. Trust me, It’s getting job as Software Tester/Automation is not a tough challenge and it’s achievable goal. For this, you have to be take care of below points:

Expert Level Knowledge

To crack job interview definitions and interview questions are not enough. You have to ensure that you have expert level knowledge in Software Testing. It can be possible only when you get training from expert and discuss more about Industrial case studies, project real workflow, team structure and give you real examples of industries.

Smart Resume

As a professional, your resume is representative of your skills, expertise, projects and knowledge. So you have to prepare smart resume which poses relevant skills, project description, and educational qualification and job responsibilities. If you feel then you can take help from professional resume developers and consultants.

Upload Resume on Job portal

Once after completion of resume create account on job portals, updates with technical keywords, complete profile and upload resume on it. Make sure you verified your email, mobile and identity. Also review your profile with some good professionals so you get relevant job notifications.

How to get software testing job? Few Tips:

Update your job portal profile on daily basis

Best time to update your profile on 10.00am. Recruiters prefer recently updated profiles.

Apply job by portal as well as email

Also make sure your resume should be as per your job requirement.

Contact recruiters

Contact recruiters over phone and ask for interview appointment and your resume screening status. It will be great if you convince them that your your profile is matching and get interview expectations.

Give correct information

Everyone likes correct information so when you get call from recruiter then give correct information. No one like fake people. Same information is validated during Background Verification process. This may cancel your job offer too.

Check company profile and selection process before interview

When you get job opportunity from any company then first thing you have to verify company profile, their services, modify resume and apply. Also search for interview experiences and selection process. This will help you during selection process.

Do proper research on projects

Knowing testing terms and process is not enough, implementation of testing knowledge in your project is real challenge for you. So as functional tester, domain knowledge of project is primary and important to crack job interview. So work and put examples which support your domain knowledge.

Drive Interview

As we know that interview session is mind game between you and interviewer. So put only things in your resume which you know properly and share about you what you know. Unknown stuff divert interview from your strong areas. So put skills wisely in resume.

Apply for Job Daily and schedule interview with recruiters on daily basis

Make sure you are applying for job on daily basis until you don’t get a good job offers and always stay connected with recruiter where you are applying for, use soft skills and you will be able to schedule interview on regular basis.

Take feedback and continuous improvement

Best part of rejection is to give few improvement areas. So take right feedback and work harder and back with more energy this is exactly needed in job search.

Professional Networking

Create profile on professional networking sites like Linked In and college alumni network portal and search your friends who are working as Software Tester and ask for referral and recommendations.

Welcome Success

Once after you get an offer, provide documents immediately to employer and ensure verification should be done. After joining enjoy learning and set new learning goal!!


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