how thoughtcoders is helping clients and students

How ThoughtCoders is helping clients and students? ThoughtCoders is one of the most reputed Indian organisation which is working on technologies and implementing to convert clients thought into reality which is equally impotant in today’s era. Our team is committed to utilize and develop open source solution so that cost effective solution can be develop for communities. In the same way, our team is known for excellent deliverable on Software Test Life Cycle items and automation of STLC.  In addition, we have domain expert software tester from different domain like Banking, Insurance, Hospitality and procurement which enable us to deliver critical projects which will help students in the long run. By and large, our team provides excellent solutions for below services:

To list, without doubt hire us for following:

  1. Automation of Test Cases
  2. Test Case writing
  3. Test Automation
  4. Devops (Continuous Integration and Deployment)
  5. Release Management
  6. Mobile, API and DataBase Automation
  7. Digital Marketing
  8. Performance Testing
  9. Analytics Tools Development
  10. Website Development
  11. Mobile Application Development

Above services delivered using open technologies.

Our team is skilled with following technologies

  1. Core Java
  2. Selenium
  3. Rest Assured
  4. Kafka
  5. Jenkins
  6. Jira
  7. Git Hub
  8. SVN and Maven
  9. Android
  10. Kibana
  11. Rect
  12. HTML and xml
  13. Javascript and CSS and Many more
  14. Professional Trainings and Resources Solutions

How ThoughtCoders is helping clients and students!

ThoughtCoders believes that technology should be spread across communities so our team work very closely with Students and fresh graduates. In general, we help students to get essential training and make them  productive for business and make them employable. In like fashion, thoughtCoders training programme is completely job orient as it is design by corporate professionals. Correspondingly, our popular training courses are:

  1. To begin with, Automation Testing using Katalon Studio
  2. Automation Testing using Selenium Core Java
  3. Rest Assured and PostMan for API Automation
  4. SQL and PL SQL Training
  5. Website Development
  6. Mobile Development
  7. Manual Testing Training’
  8. Digital Marketing

ThoughtCoders also gives internship opportunities to students and give them opportunity to work with Industries and upgrade them selves.

To this end, for more information, please contact us on 9555902032 or visit our website On the positive side, we are also active in Facebook and LinkedIn!