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Due to digital disruption, Digital Marketing is extremely important for each and every business. Top Startups – Swiggy, Zomato, Ola, Uber, Big Basket, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. These have totally changed their way of selling by adopting digital ways. In addition to these businesses, rural business is also boosting their businesses by Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation. Previously, we were facing challenges in marketing in rural areas but these days due to great tools by Google, businesses can promote unreached products easily and cost-effectively.

The top reasons for Digital Marketing are mentioned below:

Easy and Cost-Effective Marketing

Most Digital Marketing Tools are free, easy to use and even no coding or technical knowledge is required for it. Similarly, the most popular social media marketing tools such as Facebook page, YouTube channel, LinkedIn Account, Twitter, Instagram, and blogger are free. This is the major reason for Digital Marketing’s popularity. Free and easy API availability gives flexibility to schedule posts, track user behaviors, and after that measure analytics in real-time. This is the reason why Digital Marketing is mandatory for every business.

Gives the flexibility to connect with target clients

Digital Marketing tools allow the business to promote their business on their preferences of geographical location, age, qualification, region, and nationality. Based on these preferences, the sales team reaches the correct audience and increases business leads. In other words, they get more conversions and more sales.

Genuine Feedback and Right Information

Feedback from real customers not only helps customers but also helps clients to know more about customers’ likes, dislikes, and choices. Therefore, it is used to start new services, improve existing services, retain customers and build a great brand. Digital Portal such as social media, mobile apps, videos, and product review builds the huge trust of customers. One can use them to collect customer feedback.

Easy to learn and Implement

Digital Marketing is very easy to do and as per Google Survey, less skilled people can also promote their product easily. Above all, it only requires a little bit of awareness, tips, and the right information about the product.

Availability of Website Developers

The good thing is the availability of competent website developers at a nominal price. This is helping a lot of small businesses develop their websites and make their digital presence across the globe. Integration of technologies in web-like mobile applications, chatbots, and real-time video streaming is a must. Interactive sessions with customers have boosted businesses with nominal investments.

Measure your Sales

Digital Marketing tools provide a vast range of reporting to measure your sales, conversion, user choice, user behavior, device, location, transaction time, organic traffic, and popular products. These tools provide pre-configured and customized reports which help customers to manage their business, measure their sales and success.

In the end, we would conclude that this method is very cost-effective in comparison to Traditional Marketing. Also, it is the primary need of every business. As we know imagining a business these days without Digital Marketing is not possible. Ideally, each business should adopt it and take benefit of it. Thought Coder’s digital marketing team works for various clients, startups, e-commerce, educational institutes, hospitals, and many other businesses. We have our automation tools. We also have AI-based analytics to promote and track business growth.

ThoughtCoders provides end-to-end Digital Marketing Solutions. This includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing(SMO), Email Marketing, and brand-building solutions. To know more about our Digital Marketing Services, feel free to Contact Us or write at

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